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I Regret

Posted on: July 22, 2009

I really regret that i always argue and raise my voice and shouted at my baby im really sorry and i know its hard being with me but its not easy for me as you know my own so called ” MOM ” dont want me anymore which means i have no more mom from now on but that i no regret people may call me mean but its the fact.

I’ve been crying like mad since i got kicked out the house but the only thing i ever cried for is no because of that woman itself its because of my babyyy i know shes been missing me really badly and the times when im not there for her it must been really hard for her to go through but just to let you know babyy i really love you and i will not stop loving you i never blame you for any of this even if you might think baby is the one is the cause but its not really its not.

I just want to tell you this i said before i was going to be with you as long as i can and until we become old grandma and grandpa i know thats hard and not many people can do it but we already got through five months im sure we can get through years and years and years together we have many happy moments and sad times but i wont let the sad times get through us i love making you laugh espicially when i said ” OH LOOK BABY NEH TALKING TO YOU A YES YOU A “.

Im sorry i put you through so many hard times during this five month omg i cant even stop cying when im writing this post somemore im ina freaking cybercafe.Just to let you know and you all out there know i love one girl and one girl only and her name is TanTzeChi. ( Bumblechi ).I know we might not spend so much time as last time but i still love you and i will spend every each free time i got with you and just you only i really do hope you will forgive for all the wrongs i did i love you baby and always will be.